Exploring Sydney, Australia

Exploring Sydney, Australia

         I finally got the chance to write about my experiences whilst I was in Australia. Had a good three months of escapade in Down Under.  Allow me to start by telling you about the first two days since I arrived at the Sydney International Airport and rode the Double-Decker train to our next destination.

First Day in Sydney, Australia


circular-quay           From the Circular Quay train station, I together with my aunt walked just few more meters to the Manly Fast Ferry to have a good view of the Sydney Opera House passing the wave of passengers and tourists from the massive cruise ship docked at that time. It was a beautiful sunny day in Australia. Just perfect for a summer stroll.

Sydney Opera House View at Circular Quay

sydney-opera-house-view-at-circular-quay          I suppose mostly if not everyone had already watched “Finding Nemo”. Do you remember the moment when Marlin (Nemo’s father) and Dory surfaced the water in front the Sydney Opera House? I think I felt the same thing. I was so overjoyed same with Marlin because he feels like Nemo is within his reach but anxious at the same time for the scenery was so huge, unfamiliar and too beautiful to be true.

Seagulls at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay

seagulls-at-first-fleet-park-circular-quay         Pardon me but I have to mention “Finding Nemo” for the second time because these cute little charming birds in the photos I took reminded me of the movie which was by the way set where else but in Australia particularly The Great Barrier Reefs and Sydney! Do you remember them? Yes! That’s correct; they were the birds shouting the word “mine” over and over. If you can feed doves in Milan, then you have seagulls at Circular Quay.


          The picture above shows the Cruise ship with passengers walking by with the Sydney Opera House in the background. This was our view from the First Fleet Park where we sat to watch the people.

Stray Bird at First Fleet Park

stray-bird-at-first-fleet-park          We took a little rest under the shades of trees to avoid getting darker skin. It was summer in Australia when I came. We were enjoying the lovely place and people when I was startled by a bird bigger that a chicken from the Philippines. Probably, it was the same size of a goose. Size was not a problem, what surprised me was it was walking in a city along with the people. This bird is not even scared with our presence. It even stopped in front of us to scratched its’ neck not afraid to be weak while it’s near us. It was just strolling peacefully in its’ land. There, I started falling in love with the country. Wondering how safe to live here that even wildlife is free to move without being threatened.

George Street

george-street          Did you know that George Street was known as Sydney’s original high street or possibly the first street in Australia? You’ve read it right. That is why I was dumbfounded by George Street when I first saw it that I sat on a bench nearby and indulge in the beauty of the historical street.  You can certainly say the buildings and the street have so many stories to tell. It was just very lovely experience.

          The rest of the afternoon was almost up and it was time to check-in to the hotel. We rode a cab going to the hotel at Kings Cross where we will be staying for two nights. That was the first time I spent my night in unfamiliar land and experiencing daylight saving time for the first time felt real weird. It was already 8 pm but then sun was still up. Looks like 5 pm in the Philippines.

Second Day in Sydney, Australia

       On the second day in Sydney, we started the day with a nice breakfast at a nearby café. Then afterwards, we started to walk from Kings Cross trying to find the way to the St. Mary’s Cathedral. After the long walk and wrong turn we finally arrived at our first destination for the day. There we stayed for an hour or so.  Then when we had enough, we headed to the Hyde Park, a museum, all the way to the Sydney Opera House. We may not have seen all of Sydney’s streets when we walked for nine hours but everything I’ve seen that day was all worth it.

       sydney-australia          We passed by some old churches, old huge trees and agapanthus flowers and quickly took photographs while walking. Guess, you can call that a photo-walk.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

         The only church we were able to get into was St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was certainly beautiful and as being the fourth tallest church in Australia I can say that it is seriously huge. You can even see it from afar. What made me like it even more was, it has a Gothic-styled architecture.

st-marys-cathedral-from-hyde-park         This is another shot of St. Mary’s Cathedral from Hyde Park.

inside-of-st-marys-cathedral         We took the entrance facing Hyde Park. I was a little amazed to see tinted glass wall from ceiling to floor. I wondered if the church was open for the public. Luckily, a woman passed us hurriedly and pushed a part of the glass and she got in. We followed her inside and what we saw inside was indescribably divine. Inside we found towering candles, the statue of St. Mary and paintings. We stepped in a little more and saw the huge yellow lit church. It was so beautiful and peaceful the inside and was just extremely sanctified.

Hyde Park

         Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland in Australia. We didn’t have enough time to explore all parts of the park but still being able to walk through it was a very pleasant feeling. I took few pictures of the activities inside the Hyde Park. There were locals and tourist enjoying the scenery. There was a giant chess board on the ground and I think anyone can play with it. I also witnessed a street performance near the fountain.

Barracks Museum

barracks-museum             We did not get inside the museum but we took our time to look around its grounds. There were rooms at the side of the museum some were closed and some were open. We were curious enough to investigate and took some photo as a proof.

old-style-trial-court         We saw an old style trial court in one of the rooms.

Sydney Opera House

sydney-opera-house-and-sydney-harbour-bridge       This time we got a closer look of the Sydney Opera House. So close that I got to touch it. I was so excited like a child that got her ice cream when I had my photos taken while touching this most famous place in Australia. Some people around must be feeling the same.  We didn’t get the chance to look inside the Sydney Opera House. We just spent time walking around it.  We also had a better view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sailboats in the harbour. They were amazing. To see these places in person is a dream come true and a moment of my life to remember.

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