About Us

NightOwl Photography and Designs is founded by Gerylle Madeleen Tee and Sarah Jane Navarrete, aka “Shobe” and “Bubbles” respectively. These two ladies got along so well in many ways. Their friendship started with their interests in anime ten years ago and developed into a more mature form called business partners. Both are Virgo (western zodiac), born on the same year which makes them under same (Chinese zodiac). Don’t be deceived by their cuteness. They are mutants, ready to seed their knowledge and skills into their next mission.

About Gerylle Madeleen Tee

Nickname:   Shobe

Position:       Founder

                       Creative Director

                       Art Director





                       Editor (Photo/Video)

About Sarah Jane Navarrete

Nickname:   Bubbles

Position:       Co-Founder

                       Assistant Art Director

                       Marketing Officer



                       Web Designer


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